Get Rid of Allergens

How to Get Rid of Allergens At Home

Allergy is something that is triggered by an irritant with no long-term cure. When it comes to them the best solution is to take precaution. Most of us have experienced ourselves, or have family members coughing, sneezing, wheezing and/or blowing their noses frequently. It is because of pesky little irritants which

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Removing Common Household Stains

Stains are a part of life. Whether they’re from ink or your beloved pets, use our guide to learn how to combat these difficult stains for good. Mud Stains Mud stains can make their way onto your rugs or carpet through heavy foot traffic, especially if your household comprises of

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The Ultimate Guide to the Paint Color Trends 2019

Are you looking for changing your wall colors? Bored of living with the same color for years? Wall colors have a dramatic effect on the overall mood of the room. Here Hunarshanas is sharing Top 2019 Color Trends for you to play with so that you smile every time you

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7 Tips for Smart Use of Light for A Smaller Electric Bill

Summertime in Pakistan means hot sun and big Electric bills. Instead of running AC curfews and making comprises on your comfort; Hunarshanas recommends doing small, fuzz-free and budget-friendly tweaks. Consider following Home Lighting Tips from Hunarshanas to see a noticeable dip in your electric bill, both – in summer and winter.

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How to Clean the Tile Floors

Trends have shifted from traditional wall-to-wall carpeting towards Tile floors. Firstly, because tile floors are easy to clean and maintain, secondly, they make a room look bigger, thirdly, Floors don’t absorb as much heat as carpets do. If you are a neatnik, who wants to achieve absolutely spot-free, sparkling tile

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Fixing A clogged Toilet – How to do it Yourself

Finding a clogged toilet is never a pretty sight. It’s a common household problem. Usually, our first response to a clogged toilet is flushing over and over again in hopes that the problem will work out itself. More than often, its a bad move. This causes water to rise and

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AC SUMMER CLEANING CHECKLIST: Clean System Means More Savings

Summer is almost upon us. Get your AC units inspected, cleaned and serviced because the last thing you want is for your cooling unit to give-up in the middle of hot (unbearable) Pakistani Summer. Having experts looked at your AC will keep your electricity bill under control by enhancing the

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How to Prepare your House for Winter & Cold

Winter is here, and while it helps us to save some money on our electricity bills, it definitely comes with its problems. Besides being cold and making everyday life difficult, you also have to take into consideration its effect on your house. Cold temperatures tend to affect your homes foundation

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Hunarshanas App

Hunarshanas-Local Home Repairs Marketplace in Abbottabad ,Manshera ,Haripur

Hunarshanas marketplace is designed for members who need reliable and trustworthy professionals for their  home repairs in Abbottabad and home improvement needs. A marketplace app designed to meet your home repair needs with pre-screened reliable professionals. Download Hunarshanas on your phone and gain access to a list of local professional

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