Finding a water puddle under an AC is not surprising at all. It falls under the“Zero-Panic” problem category. Probably most any one of us has ever done about it is placing a water bucket underneath to collect the dripping water. But have we ever wondered if this is normal? – are our ACs suppose to leak water like that? The answer is: “Puddle under an AC means a major problem that requires repair”.
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What causes Water build-up?

The indoor evaporator coil in your air conditioning system absorbs heat from inside your home. This causes water vapor that is in the air to be condensed across the coil. You may have heard a dripping sound coming from your system; this is the sound of water moisture dripping down into the pan, and then it’s pumped away safely. Ordinarily, there is no need to pay much attention to this process, but if you notice puddles underneath your air conditioning system, there may be a problem.

What Kind of Problems Could Cause the Puddles?

Following are the four common reasons why this situation could be occurring.

  1. A clogged drain line: The most common culprits causing blocks are algae, mold-growths or bacteria. These blocks interfere with the water which should be dripping through the drain pane causing it to overflow. Now some homeowners feel confident taking matters into their own hands and pouring some Bleach down the drain. But this may cause fumes finding their way back into your room. It’s not safe nor advisable.
  2. A crack in drain line: The drip pan and/or the drain line could become detached or dislodged. This can occur if the unit has been jostled or if an amateur repair has been attempted. Sometimes, the drain could actually snap due to extensive corrosion damage.
  3. Improper Installment:  If the seals on your outdoor unit are not tight enough, warm outdoor air can sneak back in, converge with cool air and form condensation and excess moisture. You can always call on Experts from Hunarshanas to reseal your outdoor unit so that it is impervious to outdoor air.
  4. Unit Failure: The pump that collects and then pushes the water out of your AC could fail too. In most cases, it will need to be replaced entirely, but there are circumstances such as a faulty connection or a kink (requiring minor repairs) that could cause it to function properly.

What Should You Do?

If you see a puddle under you Air conditioner, don’t ignore it. Call onto experts, as water damage if left to prolong can cause series of other and more costly problems like vermin, bad odor, and fungus growth. With summers approaching fast, take swift actions by calling a Hunarshanas to perform an annual maintenance check for you.