Are you looking for changing your wall colors? Bored of living with the same color for years? Wall colors have a dramatic effect on the overall mood of the room. Here Hunarshanas is sharing Top 2019 Color Trends for you to play with so that you smile every time you enter the room.

Top Colors this Year

It is a tradition for all paint companies to pick their “Color of the Year”.  These colors represent the trends the industry is going to encourage and support. Here are the color picks by different brands for the Year 2019.

While Painting Always Be Careful About

  • Your Room furniture. It’s way easier to find paint that coordinates with your furniture than finding new furniture that coordinates with your paint color.
  • The artwork on your wall. If you have some beautiful wall pieces with solid base colors, they should help you determine the palette you should lean towards (select the ones that make your wall belongings shine).
  • Samples. No matter how confident you feel about your next color pick, before investing in and buying tons of paint, first buy a sample to test. Lighting has a huge impact on how the color will turn out, and no one has the same shiny lights in their homes like a home improvement store.

After selecting the color the only thing left to do is “Paint!”. If you don’t feel like doing the job yourself, pick someone from Hunarshanas- our app will help you find the experts on a budget in your area.